Paul Harding

Paul was born and raised in Paris, until the age of 22 when he decided it was finally time to go experience living and studying abroad. He didn’t go too far though: he is currently in his second year of Master at the Graduate Institute of Geneva, studying International Relations and Political Science. Besides the academic aspect, Paul enjoys activities like hiking and various sports, including swimming, tennis and football. In 2020, Paul took part in a sustainable practicum in India, working with different NGOs on sustainable development. This experience marked a defining point of his life, and that is when he realized the necessity to engage in a sustained professional role that meets his ethical ambitions. As a ftrprf analyst, Paul is excited to contribute to a diverse, interdisciplinary team striving to make the world a place worth living in. Paul now wants to explore as much of the world as possible, discover new cultures, new people and create some unforgettable memories. He knows these experiences will broaden his horizons and deepen his understanding of global issues.