Oliver Tjia

Ollie was born and raised in the UK, just south of London in the Surrey hills. He obtained his bachelor's degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences from the University of Birmingham and his master’s in Law. He decided to become a ftrprf talent to make a difference in the world and ensure that he was proud of his work 100% of the time! Ollie is motivated by solving complex problems and drawing from his colleagues' diverse pool of knowledge and expertise. He derives great satisfaction from getting all of his work organised so he was thrilled to discover the fantastic planning software that ftrprf had to offer! He has previously worked in planning and project management within the renewable energy industry but cannot wait to keep developing his skills at ftrprf. In his spare time, Ollie enjoys taking his dog for walks in the countryside, powerlifting and swimming. Growing up in an “Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty” instilled the importance of the natural world in him and he hopes that his work can help to preserve it for future generations!