Kim Tan

Kim believes that everything happens for a reason, even if it takes a while for that reason to reveal itself. Her optimistic yet realistic nature has paved the way for her to see the world differently - and she is determined to participate in the inevitable change of the world in a positive way.

Kim was born and raised in the busy capital city of Manila, Philippines - but has no doubt fallen in love with what beauty the world has to offer. Her passion for travel runs even deeper than leisure, she believes that seeing and experiencing different cultures firsthand has a unique impact on her wisdom that she applies in all aspects of her life.

Kim is one of ftrprf's analysts and is currently completing her bachelor's in Entrepreneurship. In addition to her degree, she has completed formal and executive education at Hannam University in South Korea, Arizona State University, and Utrecht University in the Netherlands.

Life stories, theories, a chat over a cup of coffee, or a spontaneous trip at 2 a.m. - this adventurous soul is an open-book bound to live her life to the fullest.