Héctor Cruz Rico

Héctor's codewords are analytical, curious, and creative, but also: sensitive and dramatic, these qualities reinforce the goals he sets for himself. Héctor is always looking for challenges and likes to learn from new experiences. Through creativity, analysis, and using both hands and both feet on the yoga mat (sometimes only with one foot or only with one hand), he always tries to find solutions. He adapts well under new circumstances and accepts situations he cannot change and then tries to make the best of it, without forgetting the norms and values of his upbringing and respect for others.

Héctor is diligent and persistent, he is a researcher. Besides being an analyst at futureproof, he conducts research into how people communicate and the language behavior of children in minority communities. His professional and important goal is to make a positive contribution to linguistics to solve and/or prevent problems with language and national identity.

His goal is to help people and unfortunately our world is not perfect, but Héctor believes that by exchanging knowledge, he can make our world more beautiful, Héctor thinks futureproof.