Don Ottenheim

Don Ottenheim is committed as an analyst to a more inclusive and sustainable future. He is currently following a master's Climate Studies at Wageningen University & Research, where he specializes in climate change in urban areas and urban disaster governance. At ftrprf, he likes to work on sustainability issues of organizations, but due to his curious nature and broad interest, he can also easily delve into various social topics. With a critical and analytical view, he likes to immerse himself in an issue, looking for innovative solutions that make the world a better place.

Don likes extremes: the extremity of natural disasters is what prompted him to specialize in (urban) disaster governance. He admires people who dare to swim against the current; rebels who dare to kick the leg of the established order. Whether it is about the survival of an organization, or of the planet as a whole: sometimes things have to be radically changed. "You can get wet feet from poldering." Nevertheless, Don trusts in the power of collaboration and the exchange of ideas. Both in his academic work and at futureproof, he wants to combine rebellion and cooperation by stimulating others with progressive and unconventional ideas and solutions.