Sam Slewe

Sam is doing a bachelor's degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences at Amsterdam University College. She is mainly concerned with sustainability and psychology. She finds it very interesting to learn more about why people do certain things.

So behavioral change is something she likes to get involved in. But she actually gets excited about a lot of things and she likes to get involved in everything. Of course, that is not always possible, but she tries to combine as many disciplines as possible and looks at things from different perspectives. Sam finds it important to meet people from different layers of the population, which also makes it easier to put yourself in someone else's place. In the end, we have to do it together instead of living alongside each other.

Every week Sam can be found at the soccer club in Amsterdam Oost. Not because she can play soccer, but because she provides homework support there. In this way, she is trying to do her bit to reduce the education gap in the Netherlands.

Sam prefers to be found outside rather than inside.