Elias Sohnle Moreno

Elias is Spanish, French, and German, but he prefers introducing himself as European. He is currently studying Politics, Law, and Economics at IE University in Madrid and aspires to become an expert in connecting dots. While drafting a report at the Council of Europe, Elias became aware of the potentially disruptive impact Artificial Intelligence could have on human lives, which sparked his interest in turning new technologies to our advantage to solve the 21st century’s most pressing challenges.

In his spare time, Elias takes acting classes and particularly enjoys reading, meditating, and spending quality time with his friends. Elias tries to see the world with the eyes of a child, he spent his last summer undertaking an 800 km pilgrimage by foot that took him from Southern France to Santiago de Compostela. Elias is the right person for an impromptu deep talk at the closest Tapas bar.