Arman Sukiasyan

Arman is a project manager at ftrprf. There are 3 things to know about him:

First, his personal talents lie within the intersection of people and business strategy. He is adept at aligning diverse groups to a strategic goal and motivating each individual through to execution. Arman is passionate about teams and believes that great people are the foundation for any business strategy.

Second, Arman is driven by problem-solving, specifically complex, high-stakes problems. At 17, this endeavour took him from Armenia all the way to Spain to pursue a degree in Politics, Law and Economics to gain a 360-degree mindset for approaching problems. From involvement in several small- to big-scale consulting organizations to advising the Central Bank of Armenia on the future of payment systems, Arman honed his analytical skills to better grasp what the future holds. He believes that the secret to change is achieving the adoption of solutions, so communication is critical. He first investigates pain points, then understands how to make data relatable, and with both, he builds adoption.

Third, he is a social butterfly and believes in the power of human connections. So, whether it is for a quick chit-chat over some tiramisu or a deep conversation about human nature – he is happy to free up his calendar!

What does he do at ftrprf? Exactly those 3 things: building and executing strategies, solving challenging problems with big impact for our clients, and creating long-lasting and meaningful connections along the way to making the world futureproof.