Patrick Smith

Hi! My name is Patrick, and I'm from the UK. I was born on St Patrick's Day, and raised in the suburbs of London. I studied Biomedical Science at Queen Mary's for my bachelors degree, before moving out to Amsterdam to study Neuroscience for my masters. As a resident of this planet, I've always had a vested interest in sustainability and helping those around me. I remember as a child being taken to protests on climate change, humanitarian issues and cycling infrastructure by my dad, which introduced me to a number of important topics from an early age. I want to contribute to a healthier planet and more sustainable ways of living however I can! In my spare time I like to go climbing, and I play Dungeons & Dragons with my friends, if you've never given either of those a try, I'd sincerely recommend them! You can always find me whizzing around Amsterdam on my bike as well, and I've been known to drag on about the importance of safe cycling systems. I enjoy working at ftrprf as a talent due to the abundance of intelligent, driven and caring colleagues that I am constantly surrounded by, and the interesting projects that we work on.