Jade de Bruto

Jade is a Chinese – South African mixed media artist, graphic designer and model based in Montreal, Canada. Finishing her studies in Fine Art and Graphic Design at Concordia University, she works with drawing, painting, sculpture, installation, filmmaking and digital programs. She likes creating personal moments by investigating her themes in a nostalgic way, often using rules and omissions, acceptance and denial, and pulling the viewer around in circles. Often employing abstraction, she produces work that reflects a curiosity with content clarity as well as an uncompromising stance toward conceptual and minimal art and design. Eventually, her goal is to move to New York because she loves the chaos of big cities. If she could describe herself in 3 words they would be empathetic, curious and imaginative which she believes have been significantly beneficial to her work as a graphic designer. Some of her favorite things to do are exploring different countries, meeting new people, vlogging and creating music. At ftrprf, she is a graphic designer that brings high energy, passion and her artistic vision to complete design projects that will go on to make a difference.