Bregje Verhoeven

Bregje was born and raised in Afferden, Gelderland, a small town in the Netherlands. When she was little, every time before bed she had a big list of questions that came to mind. Together with her dad she decided to put a blank piece of paper on the side of her bed, so that she was able to remember all of her questions for the next day and look them all up on the internet, to find the answers. This list of questions in her head never stopped growing. She is interested in a broad range of questions, currently especially focusing on globalization and migration topics. That is why Bregje is currently studying Liberal Arts and Sciences in Maastricht as part of her Bachelor’s degree in Geography, Planning and Environment in Nijmegen, allowing her to engage with different students on a range of topics. Furthermore, she loves being surrounded by family and friends and can spend all day listening to music.