Lotte Booij

Lotte grew up in the west of the Netherlands, in Hoofddorp. Nowadays she lives in the (not always) so sunny Maastricht to study medicine. Lotte has a medical background but has always had a broad interest in the world around her. Lotte often engages in discussions about social topics only to discover that the world is not black and white and that there are many different perspectives. Lotte is (usually) energized by other people around her. Of course, this is not always the case, as Lotte was an introvert who has become much more extroverted through her college days. Lotte loves new challenges, but she is also nice and down to earth with the right people around her.

Lotte works within ftrprf as an analyst hoping to learn an awful lot and use new skills to make tomorrow's world a better place in her own way. Her goal in life is to find a specialty that gives her energy and with which she can contribute in any way to a society that has given her so much.