Silke Jonker

My name is Silke, originally from a small place close to the Veluwe. My fascination for geography, and the way I love exploring different cultures and learning about the diverse landscapes of our planet, made me apply for the bachelor program Human Geography and Urban Planning in Amsterdam. Nowadays I have been living in Amsterdam for the past seven years. The vibrant city life and diverse opportunities have made Amsterdam my home, and I am grateful for the experiences and growth I have encountered during my time here. I am truly passionate about sustainability and believe in making conscious choices to protect our environment. Whether it's reducing waste or supporting ethical brands, I am always trying to contribute to a greener future. In my free time, you will often find me outdoors (this is written during summer hihi). I enjoy going for a run or engage in various watersports. Another interest of mine is refurbishing interior pieces or clothing. I find joy in giving old furniture a new lease on life, transforming spaces into cozy and welcoming environments. I see it as a way of combining my passion for design with sustainable practices. I believe that Ftrprf is a place where I can be surrounded by like minded people and is a lovely place with such a community around me.