Tom Salari

Tom was born in Culemborg, an old, little city (yes, city!) in the Netherlands. Ever since he enjoyed a working holiday visa in Australia when he was 18, his interest in the great wide world has never faded. Whenever he can, Tom will find a way to explore (to him) undiscovered areas, from Borneo, Malaysia to Peru. While doing so, besides being surrounded by wonderful nature, meeting interesting people, music, and particularly trying new food bring him joy. Having completed an interdisciplinary Bachelor's in Liberal Arts and Sciences has sparked his curiosity even more. Perspective-taking, as well as social sensitivity and awareness, come in handy when immersing oneself in different cultures. Currently, Tom is enrolled in a 2-year joint Master's program in Industrial Ecology at Leiden University and Technical University Delft. Through this master's, he will develop the necessary tools and skills to tackle sustainability challenges, even though Tom is well aware of their complexity. Tom is very happy to have gotten the opportunity to work as an analyst and to start contributing professionally to a more future-proof world!