Building a strong community of digital native founders with one of the world’s leading tech giants.

Google Cloud, Born Digital Leaders Platform

the client

Google Cloud provides organizations with leading AI-driven infrastructure, platform capabilities and industry solutions. The company delivers enterprise-grade cloud solutions that leverage Google’s cutting-edge technology to help companies operate more efficiently and adapt to changing needs, giving customers an intelligent foundation for the future. Customers in more than 150 countries turn to Google Cloud as their trusted partner to solve their most critical business problems. 

key questions to ftrprf

How can we build meaningful relationships and open up new doors with top born-digital companies? How can we define a comprehensive and strategic program to nurture a community of born-digital leaders?  

the action

We designed a strong content program including a website, thought leadership content and social media strategy; ran the platform website; and developed and executed a series of events through content and theme development, speaker preparation, coordination of invitation process, personalized summary reports. 

the impact

As a result, we enabled Google Cloud to foster a community of born-digital founders, create meaningful and lasting relationships, generate engagement at greenfield accounts and reinforce the organization’s position as a thought-leader in the highly competitive cloud computing industry. 


We kicked off the Born-Digital Leaders Platform in March 2020, just when the first signs of the pandemic became apparent and several organizations started taking measures to restrict physical contact. We had planned for a physical kick-off event with an inspiring speaker, which we remodeled into a digital meeting in which the speakers live-streamed from a studio. 

We sent participants a personalized box containing all the equipment necessary to enjoy the event in a fully prepared way. This box included a Google Chromebook to attend the meeting digitally with the request to subsequently hand it over to someone - a neighbor, their child’s classmate - who might need it to stay connected during the lockdown. The first event proved to be a meaningful start to building a strong community of born-digital founders and leaders for the years to come. 

In 2021, we further streamlined this program into a successful digital formula, creating awareness and opening doors at new greenfield accounts. During the year, the program engaged stakeholders across multiple industries: from ecommerce to financial services, we created an empowering platform for born-digital leaders to connect easily across sectors on topics such as growth, data analytics, funding and infrastructure. 

Throughout our collaboration, we helped Google Cloud build new relationships with born-digital entrepreneurs and leaders. This customer segment is usually hesitant to work with large tech companies and prefers to develop their own solutions. By cultivating a common purpose of changing the world for the better and offering a space to exchange ideas and learn from each other, we were able to build trust, personal relationships and unlock new business opportunities. 

By now, we have supported Google Cloud across multiple projects and regions, generating valuable synergies between sales teams and marketing stakeholders. Over the years, the partnership has expanded across other areas, such as strategic planning and Account-Based Marketing.


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“At ftrprf, we take pride in being able to create highly functional ‘machines’. Machines are resilient, highly scalable systems and processes that respond to an organization’s biggest challenges. By applying this method, we were able to empower Google Cloud to manage the program autonomously by constructing its own machine. This eventually gave our partnership greater room for development, strategic planning, and expanding the program to other areas.”

− Jonna Klijnsma, Strategist


We pride ourselves on knowing how to build meaningful personal relationships with our audience.


We bring a strong base of international analyst capacity and brainpower for strategic research and creative content development.

full-cycle project management

We offer a strong combination of strategic development and project execution.

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Jonna Klijnsma