What are you going to change?

What are you going to change?

by ftrprf

In world history, people often think there are enormous rings of change. And they are right. Put yourself in the shoes of the Germans who suddenly found the Romans on the sidewalk. How about the French Revolution? The World Wars? The Industrial Revolution? Printing technique? The landing on the moon (isn't it funny how difficult it is to do that again)? Every time has a significant change.

This time too. How about digitization, aging, climate change, and population growth, to name a few. What may be different from other times is that a huge number of changes is now coming at us at once. Some of which have very far-reaching consequences.

Since change is our profession, we thought it would be good to map as many changes as possible. Because if you know them, you can do something about it. We have just completed this research: you can find the results at change.ftrprf.com. And if you want the book (the printer was almost as proud as we were), just email info@ftrprf.com. Change. Shall we?

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