we are looking for talents

we are looking for talents

are you a future talent?

Suppose. You just graduated from university. You are ready for your first full-time job. You're into managing the future of humankind and this planet, and besides that, you like the thought of getting paid to advise organizations on how to become futureproof. And you feel there is still a lot to learn and experience.

brain and heart

Ftrprf works for large organizations (like Google, Council of Europe, NOC*NSF) and small organizations with big dreams. Our projects make the world a little better tomorrow. And for those projects, we are looking for junior strategists and project managers. In our future talent program, we offer you a year full of wonderful experiences. You will start right away being in the lead of planning and organizing projects. You will be part of strategy and implementation projects, working with analysts. Continuously using your brain and your heart. Starting with a small group of new futuretalents you will spend time on a project which is not client-related. Also, a professional mentor, a personal development program, professional skills, and a personal coach will be part of the program.


Do you feel like being part of the futuretalent program, and are you engaged with the future? Please send us an email at office@ftrprf.com. You can work from anywhere on this planet. We will have meetings in person on a regular basis. Shall we?

You don’t speak Dutch? Don’t worry, you’re just as welcome.