And action!

And action!

by ftrprf

We hardly ever meet anyone who doesn't want to change. Rarely do we speak to someone who does not want to fight climate change. We never meet someone who is not concerned with nature and the environment. And yet we see, speak and read about many organizations and governments that find it difficult to get moving. Or just a little bit, under the motto "every little bit helps." Although the quote 'every little bit helps' is true, it's only valid when those little bits go hand in hand with big bits. To us, this resistance to taking action is highly problematic. And also, to quote a famous queen, "a little bit stupid." 

We had coffee with someone from Greenpeace at their office in Amsterdam at the beginning of April. We instantly fell in love. Not on their coffee but on their willingness to take action. While we were drinking coffee, small dinghies, kayaks, and swimmers took to the water to thwart Russian oil tankers. As we write this, action has just ended in the port of Antwerp, aimed at preventing a Russian oil tanker from mooring there. Did you know that 40% of the Russian state budget comes from oil and gas? 

Greenpeace takes action. And sometimes, that is life-threatening. In 1977 Greenpeace bought the Rainbow Warrior. The ship was used to protest against whaling, seal hunting, and nuclear testing. In 1985 the ship would sail from Auckland to make nuclear tests on Moruroa impossible. To prevent that protest, the French secret service carried out a bomb attack, which sank the ship and took the life of the Dutch photographer Fernando Pereira. 

The Rainbow Warrior wanted to stop nuclear testing. And like all Greenpeace actions, this one was nonviolent and courageous. Greenpeace has the strength, knowledge, and guts to tackle major environmental problems. And that's something we more than admire. That's something we're happy to support. If you think so, take a look at this page and join. Let's buy them an extra ship. And please note that, even if you donate 10 million, Greenpeace is independent and does not accept money from companies and governments to avoid unwanted influence. Shall we?


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