We get sweaty hands

We get sweaty hands

by ftrprf

The computer models of the Dutch National Weather Service already expected it to be pretty hot. Reality is worse. And a lot hotter. We can feel the underestimation in every fiber. It's super bloody hot. Also at night. A lot of people are getting little sleep, they have difficulty breathing, they lose their appetite and concentration, or even get heat struck. In an interview with NOS, KNMI states that heatwaves are deadly.

The chance of heatwaves occurring is increasing. Especially here, in our country. According to Geert Jan van Oldenborgh, climate reseacher at KNMI and professor At Oxford University, the Netherlands will warm faster than any country in the rest of the world. Since 1900, our summer temperature has become 2.5 degrees higher than the world average, which rose with 1.5 degrees and things will become even more extreme. The icecaps are melting at – in the short run – killing pace. The biggest cap, in East Antarctica, seems to start melting even faster than previously thought. So there too, reality is dangerously ahead of expectations.

The absolute minimum

Pollution, carbon emission and overheated consumerism undeniably have a lot to do with this. This is confirmed by international climate scientist who studied the heatwave in Siberia, last June. Usually it's around 30 degrees or a little over in summer in Siberia. A week ago, temperatures rose to 38 degrees. The cause is said to be carbon emission.

Denial is futile, unless you want to fool yourself. That would normally be your choice, but the thing is, there is a lot more generations after yours. Those people would like to live in a livable world too. On our blue planet, that can be so amazing, but is so vulnerable. And exhausted. Clean air is a nice-to-have for all of us, clean oceans too. Biodiversity. Bees. Anyway, you know them all. The generations after us can't go without them either. Can you look yourself straight in the eyes if you do nothing or just the absolute minimum?

Wanting it yourself

We need action. Leadership. The concept in which the government has to establish policies, and businesses and organizations try to do the absolute minimum within their legal possibilities, is totally obsolete. The business of the future are those who think and act extremely sustainable. Not because the government requires it, but because of intrinsic motivation. For themselves, for their environment, for their clients, for their grandchildren. Our hands get sweaty if we think about procrastination. That's why we dedicated a pagelong ad in FD to this subject on August 13. Shall we?
This is our ad in FD on August 13.