The courage to change

The courage to change

by ftrprf

There is nothing as difficult as change. From an existing situation to a different set of rules and behavior. We help organizations like Google, Achmea, NOC*NSF and the Council of Europe create and realize change. To use the changes we all go through as a means to create more value and generate more impact. The goal is clear: to make today's world a little better tomorrow. Because that is why we as an organization exist. That's the dream we try to come true, each and every day.

To realize our own goals, we tell a lot of stories, create different perspectives and new images. We share those images and perspectives with the world through social media, in meetings and with pagelong ads in the Financieele Dagblad. We hope that, with sharing, we inspire you to make futureproof choices.

These months are dominated by the climate agreement. Some politicians try to make it part of their elections rethoric, but the participants at the five tables work hard to settle an agreement, to realize goals we actually háve to achieve. And, if the spindoctors behave, the agreement will be there for some time.

The most important step we can take now, is to acknowledge the philosophy of "the polluter pays too". That way it is not just the people who are paying the price. The industry needs to take action on this. And we are pretty sure this is going to hurt on the short term. But we probably don't have to say anything about the long term results.

And so, today we are in the newspaper. Hoping that some people will think 'yes'. Which doesn't tell you anything about what we do. Can't you get rid of the question: 'Can't you just tell us what it is you do?' Please send us a message and will tell you all about it. Have a nice day!