Enjoying your work

Enjoying your work

by ftrprf

How much sense does your work make? If your organization ceases to exist tomorrow, what's the world going to miss? If you don't get too excited about your answers to these two questions, it might be a good idea to either quit your job or change the direction of your business. Choose a new destination, plot the course and make it happen.

Nothing is as difficult as changing your destination. In human nature, the known, even if that known is negative, is preferred over change. The belief that you can have influence, that you can really change your goal, is often lacking. Good news: you really can.

It starts with the biggest gift you can give to your organization and yourself: setting your dream (because, to quote Alan Clayton: “Martin Luther King didn’t get up 50 years ago and say: I have a budget and a plan”).

We have developed a method (futurelabs), with which we, as one team, develop perspectives and create choices in 4 steps. In a period of 4 to 8 weeks, we examine the foundation of your organization, develop storylines and scenarios and deliver an extremely concrete plan. Futurelabs is not focused on telling you what the winning dream is, but on creating choices. Because if you want to know which choice is best for you, it is crucial to know what you can choose from.

In our opinion, the futurelabs method is the most inspiring and spectacular way to make your goal specific. We combine analysis, strategy and creative ability to develop insights. We use tools such as mind mapping, structured feedback, psychology models from Jung etc. And all conceivable technological tools to arrive at the choice you dream of.

Then it is time fot the top sport part. Do you recognize that you are watching Epke Zonderland or Nicholas Heiner during the Olympics and think “I would like that too?”. Our standard answer is "we will request the training schedule for you". Realizing your dream is a matter of perseverance. Believe it is possible and start over every day. That is not to suffer, that is to believe. And if your dream contributes to a world that will be a little bit more beautiful tomorrow than today, then we are happy to be your support team. Just as we are for Google Cloud, Atos, EARS, the Council of Europe, the Center for Safe Sports in the Netherlands and NOC*NSF. Shall we?