What do you mean, unlucky?

What do you mean, unlucky?

by ftrprf

The next generation is increasingly being referred to as “the bad luck generation.” And, although we mentally strongly oppose to this framing, it does have a solid grain of truth in it: more and more young adults feel 'unable to build their future'. 

Solidarity helps against bad luck

The unlucky generation has had bad luck with the environment. They are unlucky because they will be paying for the Covid crisis. They have bad luck for not being able to rent - let alone buy - an affordable home. They are unlucky because digitalization makes the middle professions, for which they are being trained on a large scale, disappear. They are unlucky because they have to start their working life with tens of thousands of euros in student debt. They have bad luck because of the rising health costs, and the skewed distribution due to aging. They get increasingly unlucky if they want to work on a permanent contract. And if they step away for a minute, they will be unlucky with their pension too. 

Solidarity is an essential component of our society. That's what we endorse the appeal made by Jos Verhoeven of Start Foundation, a couple of days ago in FD" let's invest in social housing. We dream of a deal between a couple of municipalities, institutional investors, and 'watchdogs' like Start Foundation and Kansfonds (remember, from 'a home for every adolescent'), to build affordable houses for the unlucky generation on a large scale. To help them keep the promise they hold inside them: the 'change generation'. Shall we?


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