Quint Verschuren

Two roads diverged in the woods, let's walk down the middle where there is no path yet. This is Quint's guiding principle as he navigates through life. Quint was born in Bangkok, Thailand and had the opportunity to grow up in various places, fostering his adaptability and openness to new experiences. Coming from a mixed Dutch and Thai heritage, he cherishes the richness of cultural diversity. In his role as an analyst at ftrprf, Quint relishes the opportunity to be part of a diverse interdisciplinary team working to create a future worth living in. Quint's educational journey led him to complete a bachelor's degree in biomedical sciences at a liberal arts and science college in Amsterdam. Alongside his studies, he finds solace in hobbies such as photography, turning abstract ideas into reality, and engaging in small creative projects. Passionate about environmental sustainability, Quint co-founded a start-up aimed at increasing urban biodiversity through circular solutions. In addition to his entrepreneurial pursuits, Quint is currently working towards completing his degree in biotechnology and biochemistry at the University of Amsterdam. Driven by a desire to foster meaningful connections built on respect, curiosity, and impact, Quint's journey is shaped by his commitment to making a positive mark in the world.