Adlan Bin Hidayat

Adlan is working as an analyst within ftrprf.

Adlan is from Malaysia but has gained an international perspective living in 8 different countries. He is currently studying Politics, Law, and Economics at IE University in Madrid, Spain, and is always looking forward to learning more about the complexities of our world. While being exposed to technological trends in his degree, Adlan became interested in the advancements of the fourth industrial revolution and the adoption of IoT devices within our homes. Most importantly, it has opened his eyes to how technology impacts our daily lives.

In his spare time, Adlan loves spending time with his friends and traveling the world. You can often catch him trying different cuisines in every new city he visits. If you can't find him embracing the aura of restaurants, he is exploring parks on his weekly runs. You can count on Adlan for a good time!