explore: change

explore: change

by ftrprf

Big changes are waiting on your doorstep. Things will change. Imagine the effect of aging, blue zones, cybersecurity, democratic backsliding, emerging powers, food production, gender rights, health digitization, inclusivity, job changes, knowledge development, metaverse, new warfare, online retail, polarization, quality of city life, robots, societal well-being, trade policies, urbanization, voluntary migration, web 3.0, xenophobia, the youth of Sub-Sahara and Africa, zero waste, to name a few. 

All these changes are going to influence you big time. And you can have a big influence on them. It is important to know what is waiting on your doorstep. To create that insight, we analyzed and classified thousands of studies and publications worldwide, and defined a hundred different major changes. 

The reason to found ftrprf in 2018 was simple: we don't need more marketing, strategy, technology, or even design; we need change. And if we mix these four elements with perseverance, influence, and collaboration, we can realize change for society, our clients, and ourselves. Together we can change the world. Call us naive, optimistic, opportunistic, or see us as the crew of a yellow submarine ("all together now"): we fight for the world of our children and grandchildren. With all our heart and soul, all energy and knowledge we have. The more we share, the better the future will be. That's why we created this project 'change'. And are more than happy to share all knowledge with you of what we internally now call 'project change'. Curious? Check it out here and let us know what you think. Together we can change the future. Shall we?

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