Who are we?

Ftrprf is runned by:


Pieter Hemels


Pieter Hemels is imaginator of futureproof strategies. His main purpose is to create and realize a different perspective for organizations, teams and individuals. His personal mantra is ‘It can be different’.

Pieter has a background in marketing, publishing and corporate strategies. He is board member of the Global Compact Network Netherlands and one of the initiators of the recently in New York launched World Benchmarking Alliance, a global movement around increasing the private sector’s impact towards a sustainable future for all. Pieter supported the United Nations with the development of the ‘high time’ campaign, to fight violence against children. Recently, for the Council of Europe, he assisted in developing the ‘Start to Talk’ campaign.

He undoubtedly has the most beautiful granddaughter in Europe, Fay.

Daphne Prieckaerts


Daphne Prieckaerts is the more reflective introvert who makes clear analysis. However, she also likes to convert analysis into concrete actions. Her leading motive is to have people experience to take control of their own work and their own lives. How they discover their own story, qualities and talents and thereby give themselves and their surroundings positive energy.

Daphne has many years of experience in marketing- & communication strategy and execution. She has a passion for and extensive experience in team and personal development programs for in-company groups. She is closely involved in the development and implementation of Futureproof training courses.