5 years and counting

5 years and counting

by ftrprf

Exactly five years ago, on June 13, 2018, ftrprf was born. Our business plan noted, ‘Futureproof is about creation, optimism, and persistence. We’re here to change for the better. To create new perspectives and make big dreams happen’. And that still stands.

Looking back, it is striking that most organizations really want to do well but often do not know how. The intention is there; only the road needs to be paved. Our biggest enemy is usually the status quo and the escape route of greenwashing; our greatest ally is often the executive committee and Generation Z. Thanks to them, we grew by a factor of 10 in 5 years, have offices in Amsterdam and New York, and colleagues in 18 countries.

On your birthday, you get to treat yourself. And so we have reserved fifty thousand euros in hours for a small organization with big dreams. Do you have an idea who (for what and why) could use our help? Let us know at info@ftrprf.com. Our colleagues select the organization and project that energizes us the most, and we get to work. 

Onto the next five years. Shall we?