What do we value in future society?

‘Information superhighway’, ‘cyber’, ‘soccer mom’, ‘Y2K’. These are some of the words that have been chosen as ‘Word of the Year’ by the American Dialect Society in the previous millennium. These words are an exceptional record of society’s bets on which ideas would leave the strongest footprint on human history. Yes, even ‘soccer mom’ can give you a pretty valuable insight on gender roles in post-war American society. Sometimes, these bets were correct. The ‘information superhighway’ is shaping the way we live several decades later. Sometimes, these bets were completely off: Y2K never happened. Regardless, we’re seriously starting to wonder what the Word of the Year 2030 will be. Will it be ‘climate anxiety’, ‘WW3’ or rather something like ‘the big reversal’ and ‘World@Peace’?