What we do

What we do

We are here to change the world for the better. We help large and small organizations with big ambitions create new perspectives. We help to find a new perspective and create a sustainable impact. We combine the best analytic skills, state-of-the-art technology, creativity, and perseverance to make change happen. 

We’re not a strategy consultancy, marketing agency, or IT company. We’re change agents. Our clients are big organizations and small organizations with big ambitions. Futureproof is about the art of creation, optimism, and persistence. We make big dreams come true. 

We have four activities, always combining strategy, analysis, technology, and creativity:

1. creating perspective
We develop groundbreaking strategies to change the future. We do this with our own method, called ftrpln. The core of the futureplan process is to provide insight into the choices you can make. To make those choices transparent, we go through four steps: the foundation, the storylines, possible scenarios, and the plan. We always do this fixed time, fixed date, and fixed price, with tangible results ("what would we do if we had your job?") in two to three months. 

2. creating content
We are extremely good at creating highly relevant information. We have an international team of analysts who make the right information accessible. We write analyses, research, articles, white papers, social media, 1:1 messages, cases, etc. For most clients, we continuously develop content over an extended period, often as part of ongoing decision-making. 

3. creating influence
We develop networks, communities, events, and personal encounters to create influence for the better. Organizations gain impact by connecting to the right people. We establish and improve relationships, develop formulas, and improve outreach and in- and external communications. 

4. creating technology
We integrate technology into everything we do. We are a 100% digital native organization and use the most modern tooling in our projects and daily business. We develop personalized instruments and AI & data tools for optimal reporting on progress, impact, insight into trends, and customized content.