our leitmotif

our leitmotif

by ftrprf

Fay was born in February 2017. Fay, like so much in life, was quite unexpected. And she is fantastic. She is now four and makes a major contribution to our organization because Fay is our leitmotiv. She shows us that things can be done differently. That things should be different. That there is always a different perspective. As a consumer, as a manager, as a neighbor, as a politician, as a country, as a government, as ... Actually the whole world.

Flash forward

Just dream. It is 2030. Fay is 13. Together, we have achieved the Sustainable Development Goals. Your and our actions paid off bigtime. Fay looks around in a world that looks more balanced, healthier, and more colorful than, say, ten years earlier.

Now. Differently

There's plenty to do. The average wealth is getting better and better. And yet, a group remains structurally behind. We solved the ozone layer problem (did you know that, by the way?). Now CO2 and biodiversity. The emancipation between men and women is increasingly in balance (nice if you also equalize the salaries), now diversity. The internet and social media bring a lot of good and require different rules to limit the dark side. Healthcare is better than ever, while reward, affordability, and manufacturability are at the same time increasingly tense. If we don't want to fly off the track, we have to do something. Now. Differently.

Those other perspectives and direction indicators for a new route are readily available, for example, from UN Global Compact. They have a complete academy, where you can find all the information you could wish for about the seventeen SDGs and the ten principles of the UN.

And we?

What have we done then? And we're pretty sure Fay will ask us, "What have you actually done to make a difference?" We will then tell her that we have made a big difference. That we changed what we could. In our organization and beyond. With all the energy we had in us. That we inspired people, wrote stories, came up with concepts, developed strategies that made tomorrow a little better than today. We'll tell Fay that we tried, with everything we had. And the great thing is: we are far from the only ones with that answer.

2030 is yesterday

You also have a Fay. Or Hamid. Or George, Or Milly. Or Anna. Or 26xni. What helps us to stay on course is to think about the answer to the question that will soon come: "What have you done...?" The answer will not come in 8 years and 5 weeks; it will come today. Shall we?