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You spend an enormous amount of time and energy on work. That is why we believe that your work should to be worth it. That you have to make the difference you want to make. Not for 20%, 53% or 99%, but always. Ftrprf is a team with the intrinsic drive to make the world of tomorrow better than today. People who want to make the greatest difference possible. People with a pure, open mind and the courage to do things differently. Offer a different perspective. People with a great talent for analyzing, creating, writing and organizing (and preferably at the same time). People who can dream and also can act. And never give up. People who do just about anything for each other. People who pay attention to everything they do. With an eye for detail. And an eye for others.

Are you this a person and is it time to change your destination? Mail to Pieter Hemels: