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You spend an enormous amount of time and energy on work. That is why we believe that your work should to be worth it. That you have to make the difference you want to make. Not for 20%, 53% or 99%, but always. Ftrprf is a team with the intrinsic drive to make the world of tomorrow better than today. People who want to make the greatest difference possible. People with a pure, open mind and the courage to do things differently. Offer a different perspective. People with a great talent for analyzing, creating, writing and organizing (and preferably at the same time). People who can dream and also can act. And never give up. People who do just about anything for each other. People who pay attention to everything they do. With an eye for detail. And an eye for others.

Are you this person and is it time to change your destination? Mail to:

We are looking for analysts!

Are you a futureproof student?
Suppose. You're a college student. You don't really think of yourself as a genius, but your performances and the people around you prove different. You're into managing, the future of human kind and this planet, and besides that, you like the thought of getting paid to advise organizations on how to become futureproof.
Search and interpret
Ftrprf works for large organizations (like Google, the Council of Europe, NOC*NSF) and small organizations with big dreams. Our projects make the world a little better tomorrow. And for these projects, we need colleagues who will, as analysts, help us find answers. Your work will consist of research for publications and reports, the interpretation of that information, and the writing of summaries and articles for internal use and social media.
Do you feel like having a paid (side) job for 8 to 16 hours a week, being busy with the future? Please send us an email at Depending on covid measures, you can work in our office in Amsterdam now and then, or anywhere else on this planet. You will manage your own time, and we will pay you 15 euros gross per hour. Shall we?
You don’t speak Dutch? Don’t worry, you’re just as welcome and this text is also available in Englisch. Just click on the flag at the bottom of this page.

We are looking for designers!

Are you a talented designer looking for a side job!
Do you love communication design? Do you sometimes want to forgo sleep to create something perfect? Are you a design student interested in graphic design, making interactive websites, concepting a new brand identity, and feel a responsibility to make a difference in this world? If you’re looking for a job of around 8 hours a week, this is the sign!

This is the sign!
We’re looking for talented designer students (around the world) who want to work with us on concept development as well as design production. This is an opportunity to work in a multidisciplinary team with a focus on communication design — illustrating, creating layouts, presentations, animations, UX/UI, etc. — but are always challenging ourselves to learn new disciplines, tools and methods. Our projects help strategists visualize and materialize ideas, all with the goal of creating a better tomorrow. We work collaboratively as well as independently, and other than our weekly call, you’re free to work whenever suits your schedule.

What we offer!
We offer you the best flexible job you can have while studying. Depending on your schedule (study comes first), you work 0 to 16 hours a week (approximately 8 hours on average, but that’s not a must). Together we plan this in advance.

If you think it’s a problem if you’re not living in the Netherlands, we can say it’s definitely not. Since we primarily work digitally, you can work from anywhere. Our offices are in Amsterdam and New York, and we have colleagues all over the planet, connected via G-suite and WhatsApp.

If you think this totally fits you and are looking for a new challenge, you can send your motivation, resume and portfolio or work samples to

Looking forward to hearing from you!