What will change in the near future?



What will change in the near future? We have been seeing and hearing the question more frequently for a number of weeks. A few months ago, the question invariably led to reflections on sustainability, robotization, aging & ageing, and globalization. Mostly in a context of a rapidly changing society, with horizons of 2030 and 2050, embedded in SDG phases and CO2 reduction plans.





What will change in the near future? In recent months, the sense of urgency for change, which was already evidently present, seems to have had a strong asthmatic attack. Many of the discussions on change are about the huge impact that quarantine has on our ecosystem ("you see, the earth is saving itself" is a claim several generally intelligent people made in the past months), the end of Europe & the world economy and a permanent change in the way we work. In the meantime, there seems to be a conflict between economy and health, assuming they are sworn enemies.  




What will change in the near future? Private equity parties are diligently looking for bargains and companies to buy. It increases our fear that these times will enlarge the gap between rich and poor. As far as we are concerned, the slogan about reopening the economy to "give entrepreneurs a chance to survive" reinforces the view that entrepreneurs are right-wing egocentrists who want to secure their bonus and dividend at all costs. Which is certainly true for a very small group. It extrapolates the image that 'responsibility' and 'corporate' are a combination of words that isn't applicable anymore. Shouldn't we accelerate corporate responsibility right now?  





What will change in the near future? There is hardly any chance that we will adopt a different way of working, without ecological and economic pollution, and with the protection of the weak in our society. Unless we actively decide to do so now. That will only happen if we have a dialogue about this and when we are prepared to act together. Cutting billions in education is certainly not part of that plan (in fact, if you think about it for more than two minutes, you cannot help but conclude that these cuts are completely crazy). An investment fund that disproportionately rewards companies that stand up for the less fortunate, however, does fit in with this. And we can really see tens of billions going into social investment. 




What will change in the near future? If we sell out our moral values and at the same time help enriching a small group. If we sell out Europeand think that sustainability will be solved by not driving a car for a few months, lots if things will change in the near future. If we decide to do the opposite, even more will change. That requires a way of thinking in which the collective interest of our grandchildren is key. This requires moderation of pensions, of profit tax for Shell, a sustainability policy that accelerates the economy, an economy that accelerates sustainablility and a social policy that protects the vulnerable. This requires courage and perseverance. Things can change. Shall we?