Coloring within the lines

More than 13 million people face an important choice. With just as many opinions, all those people are allowed to decide together in which country they want to live, work and live. Together they vote for the Netherlands of tomorrow. What a party! 

Thirty-seven parties present their vision for an even better Netherlands. They speak out about more or less green, education, Europe, equality, international cooperation, care, integration, privacy, art, and meat. About how we care for each other, the most vulnerable, and future generations in the coming years. From fireworks to vaccinations. From starters on the housing market to a pleasant old age. 

Some 70,000 people ensure that the elections are safe and successful. You will find them in the thousands of voting locations where you are welcome on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. They welcome you and count. Check and disinfect. They are there. To provide you with your own red pencil. To make your vote count.  

Politicians take part in talk shows, they vlog, tick-tock, and debate away. A little bomb here, a meter and a half flirt there. They tell us to persevere. That it is time for new leadership. That we will continue stronger together, or is it perhaps time for plan B? They call out: choose what really counts, speak up, and show your colors. Choose for more future, an equitable future, and fair politics. They are committed to freedom, more or less Europe, rules, bucks, and plans. But what do you think?

Because that's what it's about. About what you see when you look to the future? That which is essential to you. The good news is: with 37 parties, there is certainly one that suits you. A party that represents your dreams and future. Because the content corresponds wholly or largely with what you believe in. 

From 15 to 17 March, we will celebrate democracy by going to the polls. The fact that your opinion counts gives every reason for bubbles. There is ample confetti for the 1,579 people on the electoral list who wish to take the responsibility. And a deep bow to all those people who make it possible. All you have to do is let them know what you think. 

So don't get distracted by an extraordinarily awkward round of skating, an utterly pointless opinion about Sigrid's dress, the sweat mustache, or the accent of a passionate politician. Read, consult a voting guide and talk about it with friends, family, or neighbours. 

Your vote determines your future. And that's something to cherish. Put on something nice and color a box of deep, deep dark red. Within the lines. Then everything outside again. 

Your voice. Your future.
Go vote! 


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