Do you dare to change the world?

Many people doubt whether they can make a difference. Whether their actions actually lead to a different outcome. Because, on the scale of things, what can one man achieve at all?

Can you make a difference, or are there all kinds of reasons why you can't get around to it or that make it impossible for you? Are there opposing interests that make real change impossible? The difference between the short-term and the long-term interest, the shareholder and society, between commerce and ambition? Does your own behavior really matter? Does that change the system you are part of, whether you like it or not? One person makes no difference...

When Joe Biden was elected, we were happy to see a different course. We, like many, expected that he would be an 'intermediate pope.' Take it easy, stabilize, no big things: look after the store. Unfortunately, recent history shows that we were "slightly" too careful with our assumptions. As a US leader, Biden has brought sustainability back on the top of the agenda in recent months. He is the driving force behind new tax legislation, does his best to make multinationals pay, and tackles discrimination. He fights against guns, unemployment, and poverty. The news has just come that the US is buying 500 million vaccines for countries that cannot do it themselves.

Now there is probably a lot to haggle with him (we can already hear the hum of thunder in the distance). Only: he did what no one expected. And he did that himself. He had the opportunity and seized the opportunity. What we especially remember: what a huge difference one person can make. What a fascinating instrument leadership is. And what an opportunity it creates to make dreams come true and to change the rules of the game.

There is no reason to believe that you cannot achieve your goals. If you want, you can change the world. Your own world. The destination of the organization where you work, the society around you. Do you dream of something more beautiful, something better? Then now is the time not to let that stop you and get on with it. Martin Luther King. Greta Thunberg. Elon Musk. You. Nice list.


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