The neighbor's house is on fire.

The world has reached the era of Covid-19 "vaccine apartheid." That was the warning this week from World Health Organization Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. Nepal is now ground zero. Nepal has surpassed India in Covid-19 deaths per capita and is far ahead of other south Asian countries. About 40% of Covid-19 tests are coming back positive. With fewer than 2,000 ICU beds and 600 ventilators for a population of 30 million, Nepal's health care system is collapsing. (source:

Nepal is hit very hard by Covid. Healthcare is utterly incapable of fighting the disease and taking care of the patients. "Hospitals are filling up with patients, but they can't handle that. There is a shortage of everything: personnel, equipment, oxygen, and space. I visited a hospital that even had beds outside." Ram Budhathoki told Giro 555. He was in Nepal two weeks ago to assist his family. Budhatkohi watched people lose hope. "They see how families go from hospital to hospital to find a place for a sick family member. People realize that if they get corona, it's over. It's not the health care staff, don't get me wrong. Staff does what they can. But with all the shortages of material and the enormous influx of patients, it is impossible."

A while ago, we were in Nepal with Katja Staartjes. Katja, the first Dutch woman to reach the top of Mount Everest, has been committed to the people of Nepal for years. We were there shortly after the terrible earthquakes, among other things, to open a school in the middle of the Himalayas, which she had rebuilt. Katja, along with many others, is committed to being there for Nepal. Chances are you missed him, the giro 555 promotion for India and Nepal. That is why we thought it logical to devote this page to that. The neighbor's house is on fire. Please help to fight the fire. You can do this by donating to giro 555 or Katja's foundation: the Topaspirations Foundation on account NL38 INGB 0009 3584 78. Shall we?