What is God doing in Europe?

If you want to understand Europe, it is good, in addition to an economic and political perspective, to often and often look through a theological perspective. Because for a thousand years, theology has had a dominant impact on the formation of the European norms and values ​​system. And while the churches are deflating, the effect of religion is noticeable in the capillaries of our society. A thousand years of history is not easy to erase. If you consider the increasing influence of Islam and the changing Christian religious experience, then you have grasped the ingredients that led to the foundation of EARS: the European Academy on Religion and Society.

Nineteen theology faculties from renowned universities from all over Europe have jointly founded EARS to look at the impact of religion on Europe through scientific eyes. And especially to share knowledge about that impact. Dozens of analysts from all over Europe collect information about the impact of religion on, for example, education, politics, technology, health care, the economy and make that knowledge accessible to everyone. 

EARS' 24 analysts analyzed nearly 10,000 publications on religion in Europe over the past two years. Dozens are added every week. You can consult all this information free of charge via the EARS dashboard, www.earsdashboard.com. Do you want to know how the picture surrounding abortion has developed in various European countries in recent years? Then you can find 172 articles via the dashboard, but also the summaries and the overall trends. Remarkable: the number of publications over time is increasing sharply, 'Poland' and the 'Catholic Church' stand out in the word cloud, and the sentiment is strongly negative. There is also a lot to do in the US, as the EARS dashboard shows. Would you like a weekly overview of the articles related to the social gap in Europe? Just create and set up a profile. 

In addition, EARS publishes an article almost every working day and distributes it via social media and its site, www.ears.eu. Not to convert the world, but to indicate the impact of religion on Europe. A selection of recent articles: Artificial Intelligence: An exploration around morals and ethics in the development of AI, Debt and moral obligation in Europe, Dutch government financed jihadist rebels in Syria,  After electing its first female leader where to for the Muslim Council of Britain?, Economic anti-Semitism is still alive today, Voting For The FutureAnd that's just a small selection. We made a book with the publications of EARS in 2020: 327 pages. If you would like to receive that book, please send an email with your contact details to info@ftrprf.com (we will be happy to send the first ten people the book). 

Furthermore, EARS organizes roundtables to investigate specific topics and regularly visits the media. And with that, with its scientific perspective, EARS makes a significant contribution to a better understanding of Europe. As a result, we are all better able to understand what is happening and what could happen. And it may well be that what physics is to travel to Mars, theology is to travel across Europe. We wish you a lot of inspiration and travels.