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What are your plans for this Christmas? Whatever they are, you probably imagined your Christmas to be a lot different. Enjoying dinner with a crowd of family members and friends, good chats at the table, going to some parties and perhaps to midnight mass (did you know that celebrating Christmas is not at all uncommon in Islam?), reflecting on the good life. This year things will be completely different. For everybody. Because, whether you will spend your Christmas as usual with lots of people, or not, others will have a different opinion about it than usual. One will have conscientious objection, the other will throw caution to the wind, and yet another still hasn’t decided. 

For many, this Christmas will be silent. Too silent. If this makes you a little depressed: reflect on what’s good. The groceries delivered at your doorstep. The roof above your head. Your family. Fond memories. The perspective of better. Because we are certain things will get better. We have that conviction for a while now, as you can read in our articles Happy thoughts and Resilience.

Why not evaluate the past year with a positive focus? What do you want to bet you will come up with more good things than you probably have top of mind. Think about them for a while. Celebrate them. And if your coming days are in the spirit of dwelling, please spend some time digitally dwelling at Kansfonds. They care about the most vulnerable people in our society. Homeless people, undocumented people, poor people.

In the coming days, Kansfonds will have a campaign running, called ‘thuisgeven’ (giving a home). Thuisgeven means doing what’s necessary to make these people stronger. With money, and love, and by following up words with action. And we need to do that more than you might think, and despite the fact that trends are positive. Just realize: in our country, 600.000 people live below the poverty line, and 12.000 youngsters have no roof over their heads. Kansfond doesn’t just identify problems, they also come up with solutions, that you can contribute to as well. As an organization, or as an individual. Will you (understandably) not be opening your home this Christmas? Here's a way to give a home and create a safe haven for everybody. Staying at home for Christmas is probably not what you have been wishing for, but if you have a house to stay in, aren’t you actually privileged? And how privileged are we if some of us, and some of our organizations can easily help others out?

We wish you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas.

On December 24, our page long ad in FD will be dedicated to this subject. You can find it at the bottom of this page


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