Pollution isn't the problem

If we recycle plastic better and better, the plastic pollution will dissolve by itself, right? Wrong. If we recycle better and better, the problem will become worse less quickly. We do not clean up the plastic waste with the Ocean Cleanup (no matter how excellent this initiative is, don't get me wrong); we only solve the problem by stopping production. Stop producing plastic. Remove the packaging from the shelves and ensure that they never, ever get in again. Everyone says that it is impossible. And yet Ekoplaza is doing everything to achieve just that. It's about the will.

And of course, that is extremely difficult. But if it had been simple, we would have solved it long ago. It starts with the realization that framing has to be done differently. Petrol is not suitable for the environment, even if you drive 1 in 50. It. Must. Be. Different. We give ourselves and future generations a tremendous gift by changing legislation, tackling ourselves, and framing the topics differently. Because the right environment does not start with collecting your plastic separately, the right environment starts with stopping production and investing in sustainable alternatives.

Tamar Theorem of De Correspondent wrote an excellent article about it on decorrespondent.nl. We assume and hope it's going to be published in English on thecorrespondent.com soon.


That inspired us to turn it into a small campaign, with this ad:






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