We get sweaty hands

Sure, the computer models by the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI) already thought the weather would be hot. Reality is worse. And a lot hotter. We experience the underestimation through our whole systems.[1] It's hot. Bloody hot. At night too. Many are left with insomnia, lack of oxygen, loss of appetite or focus. Some even get a heat stroke. KNMI even states to NIOS that heatwaves are fatal.

Heatwaves will occur more frequently. Especially in the Netherlands. According to Geert Jan van Oldenborgh, climate researcher at KNMI and professor at Oxford University, the Netherlands will warm up faster than the rest of the world. Since 1900 the summer temperature increased by 2,5 degrees more than the world average of 1,5 degrees.[2] [3] Ice caps are melting at a killer (literally in time) pace. The largest cap, in East Antarctica seems to be already melting faster than expected.[4] Even over there reality outspeeds expectations.

Absolute minimum
Pollution, carbon emissions, overheated consumerism, they undeniably are part of the problem. This is confirmed by the International climate scientists who studied the heatwave that hit Siberia in June. Usually summer temperatures in that area reach around 30 degrees. About 6 weeks ago, temperature rose to 38 degrees. Caused by carbon emissions.[5] Denying this doesn't make sense. It would even be delusional. It would be totally your choice, if there weren't a lot generation waiting to have their turn. They need a liveable world. On our blue planet, that can be so beautiful but is so vulnerable at the same time. And exhausted. Clean air, clean oceans, our generation would already benefit greatly from those. Biodiversity. Bees. Anyway, you know what we're talking about. Generations to come can't do without them either. Could you look yourself straight in the eye if you do nothing, or the absolute minimum about it?

To really want to
What we need is action. Leadership. We can't keep relying on the notion that the government should set guidelines. This will cause a lot of companies and organizations to do the absolute minimum, just to comply. Companies of the future are companies that prioritize sustainability and act accordingly. Not because of government regulations, but because they really want to. For themselves, for their customers, for their environment and for their grandchildren. The thought of postponing the issue, makes our hand go all sweaty. Therefore we published an ad in FD on August 13. Shall we? All sources are in Dutch, but you can find similar proof of the matter easily.

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Below you will find our ad in FD on August 13. Click on the image for a larger version.

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