Is the dot disappearing behind the horizon?

Why do we exist again?
To have as much success as fast as possible? (What does succes mean, by the way?). To orchestrate your efficiency beyond perfection? To get out of this crisis (as much as you can)? Of course this crisis can force you to to step back. Just not forever. There's a reason why 'Stagnation equals regression' became a cliché. 

OK, think back with us. Wasn't there more? Isn't is there more? What would you want to have contributed to a better world, crisis or no crisis?

Dreaming is free
No one can live without dreams. Dreams make you keep your motivation. Your focus. You know where you are heading. If you try and plan or orchestrate that minutely, there will be no room left to navigate in a different direction, if needed. Just in case something stupid like a crisis occurs.

The good thing about dreams: they are free! What's more: they can be of great literal value. If you want to benefit, just don'r dream small. Even Michelangelo knew: "The biggest danger is nog that we aim too high, but that our goal is set too low and we can achieve it." Then what? David de Cock: "A small dream doesn't wake you up. Choose a strong dream, one that makes you sweat. One that makes you think: if I would achieve this, how amazing would that be."

Whatever your opinion on his dreams is, you can't deny that he is actually dreaming. Richard Branson. Without a dot, he sees no innovation, hence no change. "Dreaming is one of humanity’s greatest gifts. It champions aspiration, spurs innovation, leads to change and propels us forward. In a world without dreams, there would be no adventure, no moon landing, no female CEOs, no civil rights. What a half-lived and tragic existence we would have. We should all dream big, and encourage others to do so, too."

How big is big?
How big big is in your dreams, is yours to decide. Does it entail morge profit? More influence? More budget to start changes? Your choice. Your dot.

Let's go back to when you started your business. What were your goals? What were your dreams? How did you imagine to achieve all that? Did it change? Why? Whose life gets will get better if you blow the dust of all those old dreams and let them shine again? 

Of course you will have to keep your head above water, especially if all the arrows seem to point down. If you take off your mask, you will be able to see the dot on the horizon a lot better. Keep dreaming. Why? You can always adjust your dreams. Not only in height, but also in width. Because things actually cán change. Alan Clayton already said it: "Martin Luther King didn't advocate for big changes with the words "i have a budget and a plan". He had a dream. He saw a dot .

On August 6, we will dedicate our page long ad to this topic. You can find it below.

Dromen zijn broodnodig
Richard Branson: why dreaming is so important for entrepreneurs

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