Optimistic perspective

These days it's pretty hard to find positive, encouraging news. Could these negative mantra's be pushing us (further) down into depression and recession? Don't all these doomsday scenario's paralyze us? Aren't we all heading for a mass burnout and selffulfilling prophecy?

Statistics don't ly. There really are bankruptcies, the economy is hit hard, unemployment is increasing at dangerous speed, we're having all kinds of real problems. But if we can't see any any bright spots anymore, things will become very dark.

Even Herman de Jongh, professor in economic history sees them.[1] He speaks of 'an unprecedentedly hard blow' and 'the mother of all recessions'. On the other hand, he stated that if all these scenarios become real, they will also generatie new chances voor startups, for innovation and for a green economy. And a revaluation of health care. Also, according to De Jongh, there is an essential difference if you compare this one to earlier ones. "Our starting point is better than before recent crises. Before corona, the economy was doing well."

There seems to be a careful growth in optimism, as we can read in an article in FD.[2] Especially the retail industry is pretty hopeful. Figures from CBS even show that optimism with entrepeneurs in this industry went up from 9% in April to 65% in May. Also IT-businesses and cleaning companies became a lot more optimistic. The only ones staying pessimistic are aviaton, and the travel and gambling industries.[3]

Optimism is a good thing, but how much more trust in the future could you have if you start up your business in these times? In an article on the De Ondernemer website four audacious founders are interviewed (in Dutch).[4] What motivates them to go on a business adventure in these times of turmoil?

If you look closely, you can find more examples of optimism and hope. Meanwhile we call for dreams. Beautiful, groundbreaking dreams that fire imagination. Because, to quote Alan Clayton: "Martin Luther King did not advocate big changes by stating 'I have a budget and a plan."

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