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The new normal?

In an article in De Correspondent we read about returning to the old normal and how we really shouldn't want to. It is close to our heart.

At this moment, a lot of people are screaming that the new normal is unacceptable, to put it mildly. This is all mainly about the (emergency)measures and other 'restrictions' that cause resistance. What is far more important, however, is the bigger picture, our planet, the economy and the distribution of wealth
During the old normal, we were living far beyond our means, we were exploiting all kinds of things, we were consuming too much and were thinking about the future too little. COVID-19 was/is a wake-up call of mythical proportions. Are we just going to ignore the lessons we have to learn from this and return to how things were? Seems like it. People are working on recovery everywhere. What recovery? De Correspondent: "According to an identification by Bloomberg until the end of May, countries all over the world were pouring 12 trillion dollars into Covid-19 recovery. A mere 18 billion was designated to green industries. That is 0,15%."

De Correspondent and we are nog alone in seeing opportunities. Last April, a manifest bij 170 scientists was published, that contained chances of a green recovery, a different economic system en a fairer distribution of wealth. In the manifest, the call to action is also addressed at individuals. Because it's ok to be wishing for a lot, but carrying it out from the top down, doesn't work that well in our free country (we notice in these tumultuous times), and without any societal support, things will be difficult to accomplish anyway.

Last March, Robert van de Griend wrote a column in de Volkskrant about the momentum which Covid-19 generates. And even though the world seems to change every day, this momentum is still there. The said column was the starting point of a special about a post-covid world. The conclusion is mainly that we can't ignore it any longer: we have to realize we can't go on the way we did.

Of course we need to save the economy, but we might as well choose ways to do it more sustainably. Fairer. Meanwhiles, the roads are getting busier again, the air is getting more polluted, and the distribution of our wealth remains as unfair as it always was. It's getting warmer. Literally, but also because an increasing number of hot tempered people are revolting against an increasing number of developments. What if we would bundle all that energy together and use it to change our course? To set sail to a world in which everybody can participate, a world in which there is clean air and we look after each other. Now, and especially in the future. We are given a huge chance. The deck isn't completely shuffled yet. We can still work on a cool down. Of people and of the planet. Can we do things differently? We should!

We care so much about this, that we will dedicate our page long ad in FD of July 16 to this subject. You can find it below.

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