We're almost sure: Bill Gates did it

Trump was angry, yesterday. That is not for the first time, only now we had to laugh out loud. He is angry at twitter. Because, for the first time ever, Twitter put a warning below a post by the Prime Minister of the United States of America. Twitter's fact checkers established that Donald Trump had forgotten to mention the facts. Furious..

The amount of fake news seems to be increasing rapidly. A lot of people know for sure: Bill Gates invented corona virus. With the help of his wife Melinda. Together they want us to be vaccinated so that they can inject a chip into our bodies. And even the relation between 5G and Covid-19 seems like a certainty.

The journalists of pointer (KRO-NCRV) delved deep into fake news about the corona virus and came to an interesting conclusion: the number of tweets containing unreliable information is on the rise, fake news is lagging behind real news by a day, and the same incorrect sources keep being referred to.

What we are also increasingly concerned about is the aggressiveness and violence with which people subsequently rage on the internet when they read something that does not suit their opinion. Our own articles have resulted in a range of curses that would make someone with an extreme version of Gilles de la Tourette's blush. What strikes us: the people who go crazy almost always use anonymous accounts. Perhaps because otherwise someone will sell their organs to Putin's secret armies ...?

You can find tips for detecting fake news here en here. But of course you will have to trust that the government will not try to manipulate you with this information ...