The face of attention and action: Jolein

As Ftrprf, we wanted to put a face to the human actions during the corona crisis. The storm has not died yet, and people continue to help each other. However, we have decided that this 7th is the last episode in this series for the time being. The last name is Jolein, who works with physically disabled elderly people.

Jolein is a real winner in healthcare. She is 3rd year Nurse IG and works in a care home for physically disabled elderly people, an extra vulnerable target group at this time. There the door also was locked for visitors. That brings a lot of challenges, but fortunately Jolein sees many solutions and is not afraid to make a difference. 

Missed attention
Jolein: “The biggest challenge now is that clients are no longer allowed to have visitors while that is what they enjoy so much. They really miss the visits of children, grandchildren and family. It also brings a lot of uncertainty, their world is also turned upside down. They wonder how long this will take. All this of course means that they now ask the staff for extra attention, on top of the extra care measures that we have to take into account. Fortunately, we don't have any sick people on the team yet, which makes a difference. I try to give that missed attention to them as much as possible. Sometimes I leave the laundry until later so that I can visit their room one more time. I bring them postcards. And every now and then I secretly give them a kiss, even if that is actually not allowed.

Because the people I work with are extra vulnerable, I also pay extra attention to what I do in my private life. I stay indoors and make sure that I do not unnecessarily come into contact with others. We really have to do it together eventually! That is why I really want to ask all other people to stay indoors, especially for my clients and colleagues. If you still want to do something more active, send a postcard to an institution like ours. Or take a moment to listen to how a healthcare worker is doing, so that they can release their stress with someone.”  

How can you help?
According to Jolein, people can therefore help best by really staying at home. This keeps the risk of becoming sick for her clients, her colleagues and herself the smallest. However, staying at home does not mean that we cannot pay attention to the other person. `Send a card and take the time to really listen to someone. #actfutureproof

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