The faces of attention and action: Kirsten, Vera and Iris

We wanted to put a face to the action that many people take in many different ways. These initiatives give hope for now and for the future. We make our own series of faces. Today part 6: Vera, Kirsten and Iris.

Kirsten, Vera en Iris

Three students, Kirsten (21), second-year Veterinary Medicine, Iris (21), second-year Psychology and Vera (20) third-year Public Administration and Organization Science live together in an apartment in Utrecht. Just like everyone else, they too were suddenly in a different world. And especially at home. They decided to help people in their porch and street. 

No lectures, but time
Vera: “When all the news about corona was just getting started, I was thinking about it and what would happen next. We have a slightly smaller chance of getting sick. That's why I figured that - as long as we are fit - we can help others. We can run errands or anything else that someone needs help with. We now have the time, because there are no lectures or parties.

Childhood friends
When I got home, I presented it to Iris and Kirsten and they wanted to participate right away. We have known each other since high school in Rotterdam, so we are used to doing things together. We happened to end up in Utrecht with three of us and now live with Kirsten. We are all at NSU, a Christian student association

We have distributed notes in our own porch and posters at other porches in the street. And we are going to share our offer via the BuurtApp. We are going to help a lot, then we feel a lot more useful during this period.”

How can you help?
Perhaps in the meantime more people have found a solution for groceries or other small jobs. But are you sure about that? Ask your neighbors or (other) acquaintances. Make sure it is a job that is safe to do, for yourself and for the person asking for help.

Will you share your action with #actfutureproofThen we can increase the ripple!!

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