The face of help and hope: Anneroos

We wanted to put a face to the help that many people offer in many ways. These initiatives give hope for now and for the future. We make our own series of faces. Today part 4: Anneroos.

Special people
The job of Anneroos was hit hard by the measures concerning the coronavirus. Still, she and her colleagues try to make the most of it.

Anneroos: “As a pedagogue, I work daily with special children and young adults. On one hand for my own company Kanjer Coaching, and on the other hand as a supervisor at Brownies & downieS in Harderwijk. I enjoy my work immensely, so it hit me extra hard when it became clear that my work would temporarily be put on hold. However, the energy, positivity and sincerity of all the special people I work with allow me to put the situation into perspective.

I am well aware that the measures taken are the safest for everyone. But are we going to resign ourselves? Certainly not! The team at Brownies & downieS is positive and we decided to take action. It is great to see how partnerships with other stores are now being established, so that our brownies continue to be available through other channels. Customers can also order gift vouchers to redeem later. We do this free of charge.

Homemade cards have also been sent to all the greaties of Brownies & Downies. Despite the fact that we cannot see each other, the contact still remains intensive and warm. It is wonderful to see how people support each other in this difficult time. I am convinced that this connection is the best way to get through this situation together. Therefore, be creative and look for ways to support each other and express appreciation. This contact breaks through all physical distances. Isn't connection what it's all about?"

How can you help? Call someone (extra) who is currently lonely. There may be more of them than you think. And as you could read, you can support the local catering industry, for example by purchasing gift certificates. Take a look in your area which restaurants have a promotion.

Will you share your action with #actfutureproofThen we can increase the ripple!!

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