The Face of Help and Hope: Naresh

We want to put a face to the help that many people offer in many ways. These initiatives give hope for now and for the future. We make our own series of faces. Today part 3: Naresh.

Naresh is one chunk of energy. And this Utrecht artist, chef and caterer cannot release it that well, now that he is at home as much as possible. But of course he has found a solution. And with that he also helps his fellow man.

Naresh: “Because of what we are not allowed to do now, we are literally being pushed into a box. Unfortunately this is no different, but if you have super energy, like me, it is also difficult. Fortunately I am creative in spirit - I am an artist, chef and caterer. By making good food and beautiful things, I come up with good ideas to get out of this situation. 

High five
There are no parties and other distractions at the moment. I therefore have a lot of energy left. I now put that extra into cooking. On the weekend of March 21, I started sharing my idea of delivering a healthy meal, along with a nice dessert, to those who want it or to those who are unable to cook for themselves. Normally I cater much bigger, but this way I can do something for people in my city. The food is of course delivered safely. That feels crazy, by the way. There are also friends who have ordered a meal and I cannot hug them or give them a high five now. You really have to think about that.

It is going well, also because people continue to share my action on social media and the BuurtApp, etc. Really very nice, because I cannot do without income, and the orderers cannot do without their food. But I hop on my bike now, because I still have to deliver it. Next week I will also deliver also on the other days!”

Ja, de leuke spelfout is gespot.

How can you help? Naresh found his way out of his "box" and also provides tasty meals full of vitamins. Moreover, he stays in motion by delivering by bicycle as much as possible. Are you a catering entrepreneur? Maybe you can get inspiration from Naresh's story. Or find fellow entrepreneurs and do it together. This way you keep the focus on your future.

You can of course also cook a nice meal as a 'normal person'. For your neighbor / husband? For your grandfather / grandmother? Ask if they would like that, put it safely at the door and hear back if they enjoyed it.

Many restaurants that are now closed, deliver meals. Or you can take them off safely. Would you normally have eaten out now? Take a look at which restaurant in your area is participating and order there. You support local entrepreneurs with this and that is urgently needed.

Will you share your action with #actfutureproofThen we can increase the ripple!.

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