The Face of Help and Hope: Michelle

We wanted to put a face to the help that many people offer in many ways. These initiatives give hope for now and for the future. We make our own series of faces. Today part 2: Michelle.

Michelle's internship company, a primary school, is temporarily closed due to the corona virus. She decided to use her extra free time to take action and volunteer as a nanny.

Helping feels good
“Since this week, all primary schools are closed, including the school where I do an internship in group 1/2. This has quite an impact. I can't do an internship for a while, and my practical exams may be postponed. That's why I decided to present myself as a nanny. I have now been babysitting for three weeks with a family of four children, whose parents work in vital professions. We do homework together and do a lot of fun things.

I really enjoy doing it: it feels good to be able to help. In a time like this I think it is very important that we help each other. I hope we can all do our bit. Still hesitant to offer help? You can make a difference!"

How can you help? How can you help? Do you have some time and are you healthy? Maybe you can take care of someone else's kids. Make proper arrangements about how you can do that safely. Share your action on social media with #actfutureproof, then we can increase the ripple!.

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