The face of help and hope: Marlinde

We wanted to put a face to the help that many people offer in many ways. These initiatives give hope for now and for the future. We make our own series of faces. Today part 1: Marlinde.

Marlinde is a kindergarten teacher who runs to the store for envelopes. Since the weekend of March 14, she was faced with the challenge of teaching preschool children at a distance. In times when we have to keep social distance, Marlinde now unites whole village with postcards. 

Lessons in mail
“A lot of education is now successfully being given digitally, but I find it less suitable for toddlers. So I decided to teach the children everything about mail. Letters, numbers, signs and especially how nice it is to get a card! The children not only send mail to each other; they also all send at least three cards a week to people who need it. To the elderly in the local retirement home, for example, or to someone who is alone at home. I also called the pastor, the local police officer and the councilor and asked them to send a card back to the preschoolers. The pastor now even helps to deliver the special mail to everyone! My goal? Ensure that instead of toilet paper, people will buy a lot of envelopes! And a tip: the drawings (your) children are making are the best mail to receive!”

How can you help?
Marlinde zorgt met haar postactie voor lichtpuntjes. Stuur zelf ook een kaartje of tekening naar iemand. Iedereen vind het leuk om post te krijgen, zeker nu! Wil of kan je niet naar de brievenbus? Maak er een foto van en mail/app hem, of stuur via Greetz, Hallmark etc. Deel je actie op social media met #actfutureproof, then we can increase the ripple!.

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  1. Mooi, ik heb vanmiddag mijn kleinkinderen post gestuurd. Blanco kaarten en gefrankeerde enveloppen en hen gevraagd ze te versieren met tekeningen en wat dan ook voor hun ‘grote opa’s en oma’s ‘ . En de mensen in hun omgeving die alleen zijn. Het is zo simpel..

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