Futureproof meetings

What we are all going through now is unprecedented. The impact is everywhere. Everything changes, including our way of working. This was already the case for many workers*, for others it is gaining momentum. Working at home is already happening on a large scale, but to meet from home is not. We have a handy tool for you: rules for digital meetings.

Game rules
Meetings can be a source of inspiration, the feeling that you get something done together, an opportunity to see each other again. But everyone knows the type of meeting where you feel the energy leak away. People interrupt each other, do not come to the point or are not prepared. When you meet digitally, you need extra concentration. You sit at home or in the office looking at a screen, so that distraction lurks even faster. With game rules you ensure that you can meet efficiently and in an inspiring manner. Under this post you will find an extended version and a concise one. Spread them, use them and notice the difference!

Downloads can be found under the message.

The good thing is: you can also use the majority of the rules for your regular meetings. And therefore also if your employees do not have an office job. Because no matter what happens, we will continue to hold meetings. Now and in the future. "In real life" and increasingly online. Do you realize how lucky we can be with this digital progress? How many initiatives, ways of informing, being together remotely and having fun while staying at home? How would that have been about 20 years ago?

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